The Strawberry Tree (sometimes known as the Irish or Killarney Strawberry Tree) - Arbutus unedo is a gorgeous, evergreen tree from the Ericaceae family. Despite its Ericaceae background, the strawberry tree is surprisingly lime tolerant.

There are a number of cultivars available notably 'Elfin King', 'Integerrima', 'Quercifolia' and 'Rubra'.

You can plant the strawberry tree in October, or if you miss this opportunity from March to May, in a moist but well-drained soil. While Arbutus unedo and it cultivars are known to be lime tolerant, they will still perform best in a good, lime-free loamy soil. They will need a sunny position but keep them a sheltered position away from cold northern and eastern winds.

Be aware that the young plants can be particularly tender and will require winter protection of bracken or straw. Once they have established they will be able to withstand greater cold and exposure.

You should not prune your strawberry tree as this can quickly ruin its ornamental habit, although straggly shoots may be cut back to the main stems in April.